Friday, December 03, 2004

Week 10 Last Entry

Today is the last day for my Blog entry and it was a pretty active day outside of The Crossings. I saw the majority of the usual people today. I saw Moe and I talked to him for a little bit and while I was talking to him I noticed that the same girl that I saw on the bench the other day talking on her phone was on the same bench today talking on her phone. I also saw a group of people come outside from The Crossings. This group just kind of cirled around and started smoking their cigarettes. They were being pretty loud and they all felt like they had to sing outloud. I thought this was pretty funny. I noticed that a lot of people were leaving for the weekend. I thought this was odd since we just had a long break and the semester is almost over. Thats all that happened outside of The Crossings today. It was interesting observing a community since I'm usually not use to just obseerving everything that happens around me in a certain place. All and all it was pretty fun to observe the smokers outside of The Crossings.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Week 10 entry #2

Today I didn't see too much at The Crossings. I didn't see a lot of the usual people here today. I did see some new people though. I saw these two kids just standing around smoking a cigarette. I'm not all that sure if these kids live here or they are just here to eat because I have seen almost all the people that do smoke at The Crossings and I figured since I never seen them that they don't live here. I saw a girl sitting on a bench talking on her phone. She sat at the bench and talked on her phone the whole time that I was out there. I really didn't see a whole lot of ofther people because it was so cold outside.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Week 10 entry #1

Today there was not a lot of people outside of The Crossings. I figured this since it is freezing cold out. I did end up seeing most of the regular people outside smoking. I talked to them for a little bit but not for to long since I quit smoking and it drives me nuts being around people smoking. I did notice that there was a group of people that walked out as I was out there. I noticed that everyone of them lit up a cigarette. Then I saw a kid trying to jump up the stairs, kind of strange. Then once that kid did it then another kid started to do it. I guess they were having a contest to see who could jump up stairs the highest. I just started to laugh cus it looked pretty funny as you could imagine.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Week 9 entry #3

Today I really didn't see to many people outside of The Crossings. I did see Moe out there like usual and I talked to him about some stuff. While we were talking we noticed that there were these two kids arguing about something. They were yelling back and forth at eachother about how the one kid locked the other kid out of the dorm. I thought this was kind of ammusing because they were arguing over something as stupid as a door being locked. It really didn't get out of hand, they just kind of ran out of things to yell about and just went back inside. I did see someone talking on there phone on the bench again.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Week 9 entry #2

I wasn't outside of The Crossings as much today because I am trying to quit smoking. I still was out there enough to observe what I needed to observe. I ended up seeing Moe outside and I ended up talking to him about how I was going to quit smoking cigarettes. He thought that it was a good idea to quit smoking since it really doesn't do anything good for you. I think that most smokers really do not wan't to smoke but it is hard for them to just stop. I ended up talking to another person later that day and he said that he wishes he could quit also. So my community is actually a community of people that are all doing something that they do not want to do.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Week 9 entry #1

Today outside of The Crossings I have noticed some things about different people that smoke. I noticed that you have your people who come out and have a cigarette and talk on there phone the whole time that they are outside. Then you have people that just kind of stand off by their self and smoke there cigarette. Then you have the people who just want to talk to every single person that is outside. I observed all of these people today while outside. The person on the phone did the usual and just sat on the bench and talked on the phone the whole time from smoking the cigarette to walking into the building. I also noticed a kid that was just standing against one of the walls, it seemed as if he just wanted to be left alone and didn't wan't anyone to bother him. Then I ended up talking to this kid named Billy Bob, he was just talking to every single person who was coming by. I thought this was kind of funny.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

social rules of conduct

The unwritten rule that I bended was sitting in a chair in the elevator. I brought one of my

chairs in my room to the elevator in The Crossings. I put the chair right in the middle of the

elevator and just sat in it. It was pretty funny to see the reaction of people when they see me.

The first person that came in the elevator just laughed when they saw me sitting there. He

asked me what the heck I was doing and I just told him I was riding the elevator. He just looked

at me like I was weird. When the kid got off the elevator there was some people standing

outside of it and they just looked at me and laughed. The next person to get on the elevator had

no idea what was going on and didn't even say a word to me. After that there was a group of

three people to get on the elevator. They all just looked at me and said "are you having fun

sitting in the elevator." Then one of the kids asked me if I was on drugs. I just said I was trying

to relax in the elevator. Then they said that I had some problems. The next person to get in

the elevator said, "This looks like its fun, do u mind if I ride the elevator with you" So he

decided to stay on the elevator with me and just started talking to me. I thought that was

funny. The next thing to happen was a surprise to me. These two girls came in the elevator and

just started laughing. They started talking to me and even asked for my number. I never knew

riding in an elevator was a good way to pick up girls. I decided that I had ridden the elevator

long enough and when I was getting out of the elevator I saw my RA and he just said, "why the

hell do you have a chair", then he just laughed.